“No Darn Fooling Around”

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Check out our easy way to remember when your property taxes are due!

Tax day is almost here! Along with your income taxes, it’s important to also pay attention to your property taxes.  When it comes to remembering when your two installments are due, check out our easy tips for dealing with your property taxes.

Remember the phrase “No Darn Fooling Around” 

This mnemonic device is helpful when remembering when your property taxes are due. The first letter of each word refers to a month you should remember. Your property taxes are first due November 1. After that, they become delinquent on December 10. The second installment is due February 1. Should you miss the deadline, they become delinquent on April 10. So just remember “No Darn Fooling Around” and you’ll never forget when your property taxes are due!

Property Taxes In Escrow

If you’re in the process moving, be sure to check with your escrow officer about paying your property taxes. Some escrow companies will help you with your property taxes and will let you pay through your escrow company.

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