Make Your Home More Environmentally-Friendly With These Tips!

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Get your home ready for Earth Day with these environmentally-friendly home tips!

From composting to solar energy, environmentalism is growing in popularity. In honor of Earth Day, Friday, April 22nd, be sure to check out our favorite (and easy!) environmentally-friendly home tips that can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Swap Out Your Light Bulbs

When it comes to using electricity, your light bulbs use lots of energy. Make sure to change out your regular light bulbs to compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. They use energy more efficiently so that you can save power.

Stop Phantom Energy Draw

From you cell phone charger to your printer, even when you turn off your devices they still use lots of power. Make sure to fully shut them down and unplug them. Don’t want to unplug? Try using a power strip and turning off the power to stop the power drain.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Be mindful of what you use. Everything you throw away will sit in a landfill. Biodegradable items like a banana peel will decompose quickly, but plastics take thousands of years to breakdown. Think twice before buying that bottle of water. Make it a habit to reduce your consumption, reuse items if you can, and recycle your paper, plastic, glass, and metals.

Fix Leaky Plumbing

A leaky faucet wastes lots of water, and leaky pipes can cause lots of water damage. Make sure to get your plumbing fixed and conduct regular plumbing audits to ensure that your home plumbing is in tip-top shape.

Invest In Stellar Appliances

When it comes to your energy use, your appliances account for a majority of your consumption. Be sure to invest in energy efficient appliances. Look for the Energy Star logo and see how much energy you’ll save!

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