Do Green Features Help Homes for Sale in Brentwood?

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Homes for sale in Brentwood might think about going green, but should they?

Eco-friendly living looks like it’s a lot more than just a trend. Years into conversations about how to minimize our carbon footprints and be easier on the world around us, green living is continuing to permeate more and more American homes. We know it helps the environment, but does it really benefit home sellers? Homes for sale in Brentwood should consider these things before going green.


We like instant gratification. We’re much more likely to pay more for something we can see and feel. That’s why obvious green features like solar panels might support a higher asking price, but your special air filtration system hidden within your home’s walls might not motivate buyers to dig deeper into their wallets.


Hidden features might not be exciting to buyers, but keeping more money in their pockets most definitely is. If you can pitch the savings of going green to your potential buyers, you could help them fall in love with saving the earth. Explain how much they’ll cut utility costs with your programmable thermostat and low-flow toilet, and they might be willing to pay more up front to lock in those long-term savings.

Consumer preference.

Of course, these blanket statements can’t apply to everyone. Some people like their high-powered shower heads regardless of their water bill and others don’t care how much more they’ll have to pay to reduce their environmental impact. If you’ve got green features in your home, think about how you market them. Appealing to the eco-conscious demographic can help maximize the selling value of homes for sale in Brentwood or wherever you may live.

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