Give Your Home a Little Extra Care and Learn How to Detox Your Home

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Find out what you need to know to help you detox your home.

Keeping your home in great shape take a bit of work. From routine home maintenance to spot cleaning here and there, there are lots of little things that we all do to help keep our homes tidy. However, every once in a while your home needs a good cleaning. Check out these tips to help you detox your home so that you can keep everything clean and organized.

Get Some Fresh Air.

Cooped up in the air conditioning all summer makes for some stale air. Let your home breathe a little so that you’re best able to get better air circulation. Open a few windows throughout your home for about 15 minutes every so often to help improve your indoor air quality.

Go Paperless.

From mailers to banking statements to newspaper subscriptions, your mountains of papers can stack up quickly. Don’t get buried under an avalanche of paper. Instead, switch to paperless methods of getting the information that you need. Get rid of all the papers that you no longer need, and store all the papers you need in a well organizing filing cabinet. That way when you go paperless, you can eliminate a surplus of these papers.

Give Your Garden Some Love.

Your outdoor living space is just as important as your indoor living space. Add a little something extra to your garden. Try adding an herb garden or perhaps pick a few fruit trees that will thrive in our Mediterranean climate. Not only will it help improve the aesthetics of your home, but it helps to better the environment and you get fresh produce.

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