How to Stage Your Home for More Money

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Stage your home when selling and reap all the benefits!

When selling your home, it’s important to send the right message to potential buyers. Create the right environment to sell your home through your use of staging. Here’s how you can stage your home to sell faster and make better profits.  I also can provide a professional stager to come into your home to give extensive and doable suggestions that will present your home at its absolute best.

Make a good first impression.

Make sure that your home has a decent curb appeal. If it looks inviting on the outside, potential buyers will go in with a better mindset.

Keep it clean.

Buyers want to see a blank slate when looking for a home. Dirt and grime are reminders that someone has lived here previously. Make sure to deep clean your home before you decide to show it. Pay extra attention to the bathrooms. Fight off mold with a water and bleach solution and clean glass shower doors with a combination of muriatic acid and water.

Use your space wisely.

Make the most of your space. There’s always a way to make a space look bigger! Try changing the window treatments to let in natural light or adding mirrors to a room. You may even want to try installing a pedestal sink in smaller bathrooms to make them appear larger.

Stick to neutral colors.

Pick a neutral color palette. You never know what colors may put off potential buyers.

Update easy fixes.

From cabinet knobs to fireplace screens to a fresh coat of paint, if it’s outdated and it doesn’t break the bank, go ahead and fix it. It will help to give the illusion of a newer home.

Depersonalize your home.

Potential buyers are looking for a place to make their own memories. Take down any personal touches such as family photos or pet beds to help sell your home.

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