Save More So You Can Enjoy More, Money Savings Tips For You & Yours

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Save more with these money saving tips!

Whether you’re saving to buy a new home or if you’re saving up to renovate your current home, saving a little money couldn’t hurt. Be sure to check out these ways you can start saving money.

Pay of Debts.

Debt is expensive! Not only are you paying for the amount that you owe, but you’re also paying for the interest, and it can add up. To start saving more, pay off all your debts, especially on your credit cards. Be conscious of your spending and only use credit when you know you can afford the item.

Get Rid of Your Debit Card.

Constantly using your debit card can be dangerous. It is just a piece of plastic after all, but buying extras on an impulse can add up. Ditch the debit card to reduce the temptation and opt for cash instead. Having cold hard cash changes the way your brain perceives your spending. When you see cash you’ll likely think twice before you make a purchase which will help you save some money.

Stick to a Budget.

It’s important to know what you’re spending before you know where to cut corners. Be sure to review your spending over at least a two-month span to get a good idea of how you spend your money. Once you have a good grasp on your spending, be sure to look at all your extras and find ways to save on those expenses. Perhaps you spend $100 on coffee at Starbucks each month. Rather than going out for coffee, buy a coffee maker and make coffee at home.

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