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Check out these Thanksgiving fun facts to share at your table!

Holiday time is here! It’s time to roast the turkey and mash the potatoes; it’s time for Thanksgiving. As you spend time with your loved ones, inspire a little conversation around the holiday table with these Thanksgiving fun facts. Here’s what you need to know about everything from turkeys to little known American traditions.

How the Turkey Got Its Name.

Eating a turkey on Thanksgiving has been a tradition for generations. But, ever wonder why the bird shares its name with a country in the Middle East?  It’s no coincidence that the two share a name. When the Europeans first came to the Americas, they thought that the taste of the turkey was similar to a guinea fowl that had been imported to Europe by way of the Turks. The Europeans started to call the bird a turkey due to its similar flavor and the name has stuck ever since.

The Almost National Bird.

The bald eagle has long been our national bird. However, when the founding fathers were deciding on which kind of bird to choose, the turkey was also in the running. Benjamin Franklin was a large supporter of motion, as he felt that the turkey was more of a “respectable bird”.

Turkey Nomenclature.

Whenever we think of turkeys, we often associate them with a ‘gobble, gobble’. However, the gender of the turkey determines what sounds the bird makes. Male turkeys, called toms, gobble. The female turkeys, called hens, cackle!

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